Eating before the evening workout?

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The new Squeezy gel bags - off to recycling

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Weight tuning after the holidays

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Indoor training and nutrients

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The open window effect

Rarely is a risk so close to an opportunity. Risk Immunological Gap Scientific studies prove [...]

The Squeezy goes Green - Project - the whole story ...

About a year and a half ago, we set to work rebranding the Squeezy [...]

Win a starting place for the Challenge Roth

You don't have a starting place at the Challenge Roth? We give you the chance to start there [...].

SQUEEZY Tomato Gel editorial tip in RUNNING

In the current September/October 2018 issue, the running magazine RUNNING tested energy gels. Among them also our [...]

Shortly before Roth - Harald on the last training meters

The competition of the year is just around the corner and in week 25 it had [...]

Week 23 - 05:30 Training start for Harald - daily!

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