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Questions about our Energy Gels

The use of energy gels in sports is useful when the body is exposed to high stress over a long period of time. Energy gels are a simple and efficient way to supply the body with energy in the form of carbohydrates and minerals during the stress phase. Gels are easy to transport and use.
Basically, you can mix your own carbohydrate gels. The ingredients such as maltodextrin or fructose are freely available. However, it requires some knowledge regarding the optimal composition and coordination with other ingredients such as salt or magnesium. The transport in suitable containers during sports, the variety of tastes as well as the general time required for preparation, however, speak against the self-attempt to produce energy gels yourself.

SQUEEZY ENERGY SUPER GEL is free from fructose. In addition, the DRINK GELthe SUPER DRINK GEL and the TOMATO GEL isomaltulose and is therefore suitable for athletes with fructose intolerance.

SQUEEZY offers a product line with caffeine. This is identified by the red packaging design and the name suffix "SUPER". E.g. the SUPER DRINK GEL and ENERGY SUPER GEL.
In principle, the ingestion of energy gel requires the subsequent drinking of water. An exception to this is the DRINK GEL from SQUEEZY is an exception to this rule, as it contains a high proportion of water and can therefore be consumed without the need for additional water.
Free testing is not possible with us, but there are several other ways to get SQUEEZY products.

  • We are present at sports fairs and expect you there with many test actions and special promotions.
  • We support many sporting events where you as a participant can enjoy free trackside catering from SQUEEZY.
  • We carry various test packages in the online store, offering a collection of great SQUEEZY products at special prices.

read more at SQUEEZY TEST.

Theoretically, yes. However, the flavors in the energy gel are matched and no longer meet our expectations after dilution with water. For the drinking bottle are the Sport Drinks from SQUEEZY are better suited for the water bottle. They are very easy and effective to mix because they are presented as a powder.


Questions about our drinks

Sports drinks offer an effective and simple way to supply the body with energy, minerals and fluids. Whether for carboloading before sport, for supply during sport or for regeneration after sport, SQUEEZY SPORT DRINKS are suitable for every phase of exertion.
Drinking water after SQUEEZY SPORT DRINKS is not necessary to absorb the carbohydrates. However, at high outdoor temperatures it is advisable to compensate for the high water loss through sweating by drinking additional water. drinking water water.
In principle, yes. However, it is important to ensure that the amount of carbohydrates consumed is not exceeded and that one is guided by the individual needs per hour. oriented.


Nutrition and sport

This question cannot be answered in a general way. The individual need for energy is different for each athlete and depends on many factors.

  • Physical condition (age, weight, height, gender)
  • Condition of the route (altitude profile and surface)
  • Sport
  • Individual performance and intensity

In general, however, one can speak of an approximate consumption of 30 - 80g of carbohydrates per hour depending on the load intensity. For more details see here.

Questions about our online store

You can tell us your request in different ways.

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  2. You can email us at info@squeezy.de.
  3. You can contact our customer service at 0531 - 87609 17.

In our online store we have divided the products by categories such as gel, bars or drinks. You can find this overview on the page product categories page.

You can also go directly to the product overview Store go.

In our online store you can pay via PayPal or prepayment.

In our online store you can only order and have delivered within Germany. You can find an overview of our partners abroad in the section Dealers.

For orders up to a gross merchandise value of 40 Euro we charge shipping costs in the amount of 5.95 Euro incl. VAT.
From 40 Euro we deliver free of shipping costs within Germany.

Our goods are delivered by UPS parcel service.

No. Unfortunately, this is not possible. The UPS parcel service does not deliver to Packstations.

Yes, as soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification with a tracking code.

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