Squeezy Sports nutrition - our story

Dr. Timothy Noakes, Professor of Sports Education and Science at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, had a brilliant idea in the mid-1980s: as a highly ambitious marathon runner, he knew that fitness problems were also due to an insufficient supply of carbohydrates to the body and asked the crucial question: how can I easily supply the body with the necessary energy before and during training and competitions?

He and his team developed a gel in 1987 that contains enough energy in about 25 grams to provide an athlete with the energy they need for up to an hour.

To make ingesting this energy booster as easy as possible, Noakes and his team developed a small plastic sachet from which the gel could be easily squeezed into the mouth.

Roger Milenk discovered the product, which had been unknown outside South Africa until then, at the Ironman in Roth and launched it on the European market in 1993 with a slightly modified formula. Squeezy Energy Gel became a bestseller in sports circles, was often copied but never equaled.

In the course of the first relaunch of the brand, Squeezy became the current brand name SQUEEZY® in 2000 , and further innovations such as the world's first maltodextrin-based Fruit Gum. Bars and beverages expanded the range.

In 2009, the next major development step took place: production moved completely to Germany, quality standards were raised and the brand was upgraded with the current corporate design. The optimized design of the gel pouch for better handling and waste-reducing packaging solutions transformed our gel range in 2013.

We are constantly striving to improve our product range in order to offer athletes and health-conscious people around the world the right product. With a feel for current trends and geared to the needs of athletes, product development is guided by the following leitmotifs.



It should work quickly and efficiently, be digestible for every stomach, be varied for the taste sensation, and be easy to use and transport. This defines the requirements profile for every new product development around SQUEEZY.

Our developments basically focus on the requirements and wishes of the athletes and correspond to their training and competition practice.

It was and remains: SQUEEZY is the world's first energy gel by athletes for athletes and constant innovations, such as the heart-healthy Tomato Gel will follow this milestone. We continue to challenge ourselves to meet the latest demands of athletes.


In accordance with this motto, our SQUEEZY® products are reduced to the ingredients that are target-oriented to the specific requirements needed during the different phases of stress: Our energy products contain carbohydrates and minerals during exercise and our regeneration products additionally contain proteins or amino acids as well as vitamins for the phase before and after sports.

This makes our SQUEEZY products very stomach-friendly and well tolerated.


You can tell immediately from each of our products that they have been extensively tested in practice before being launched on the market. They are specifically adapted to each requirement in terms of application, dosage and handling.

For the athlete, this means: before, during and after exercise, he supplies his body with the vital substances it needs: efficiently, simply and conveniently.

Thanks to SQUEEZY, he focuses on the essentials, increases performance and well-being.