Refiller Dispenser Konzept Hero
SQUEEZY was not only the first energy gel in the world, we are also once again the first to consistently offer all (!) gels and liquids in sachets as well as in a new refiller & dispenser concept !
This is not only particularly sustainable and avoids waste, but also means price savings of up to 45%.
Den neuen Dispenser (Softflask) mit zwei verschiedenen Verschlussventilen, der damit sowohl für das Energy Gel als auch für das Liquid Energy eingesetzt werden kann, und die neuen Refiller des Liquid Energy (1.000ml) gibt es ab sofort.
Neu seit April 2024: Energy Gel Refiller (500ml) neben Zitrone und Cola+Koffein auch in den Gel-Geschmacksvarianten Banane, Himbeere, Orange-Pfirsich, Basic Formula und Zitrone+Koffein.
Squeezy Energy Dispenser - Flask

Ideal for runners, cyclists, triathletes and endurance sports in general

  • mit 150ml Fassungsvermögen passen etwas mehr als 5 Energy Gels oder über 2 Energy Liquids von Squeezy in den Flask.
  • bei Befüllung mit 150ml Squeezy Energy Gel hast Du knapp 120g Kohlenhydrate dabei!
  • The scale on the back makes it easy to read the fill level at all times
  • Remaining quantities can be stored temporarily in the refrigerator and used later. We recommend rapid consumption within 2 days.
  • The two valves supplied are easy to clean and can be (dis)assembled quickly.
  • The body of the Flask is made of soft, non-slip TPU without BPA. This means it can be carried directly on the body without feeling pressure.


Switching from single sachets to our refiller/dispenser solution has only advantages for the athlete. Apart from the benefits for nature and the environment, dispensers are extremely practical to use during sport. We pass on the purchasing advantages of saving packaging material in the form of sachets to you. Energy gels and liquids are no longer expensive ...