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The vegan Next Generation Energy Gels contain a multi-step carbohydrate formula and minerals to supply athletes during sports in new, sustainable monofoil (recyclable). The carbohydrate gel is available in two packaging options, as a convenient energy gel pouch and especially for bikers and runners as a resealable energy gel in a dispenser.

Our "Caffeine Boost" gels contain a caffeine additive as an additional mental as well as physically noticeable push and motivation boost during particularly intense units.

For fructose intolerances, we recommend our Basic Formula, Cola and Lemon Caffeine Boost variants. Tomato and Salty Caramel contain isomaltulose, which can be consumed by athletes with lactose intolerance and coeliac disease without any problems. If you have a fructose intolerance, we recommend testing these products in small quantities for tolerance.

All Squeezy Energy Gels contain only the ingredients necessary for the purpose and no more. In terms of maximum stomach tolerance, we pay attention to this special circumstance in all Squeezy products!

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The new Liquid Gels (formerly Squeezy Drink Gel) contain a higher water content than normal gels and can be consumed without post-drinking. Ideal for accelerated energy intake and for shorter sessions without water.