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Energy Fruit Gums are a popular and functional alternative to energy gels and drinks. They bring variety to the energy supply with their tropical fruit flavor and are easy to use. An absolute special feature of Squeezy Energy Gums compared to all other fruit gums known to us on the market is the use of high-quality maltodextrin as an energy source in the product. Sodium and potassium (electrolytes) are of course also included and replace electrolytes lost by the body through sweating. The ingredients dissolve in the mouth as soon as they are sucked. One bag of Energy Fruit Gum contains about as much energy as three 33g sachets of SQUEEZY ENERGY GEL.

ATTENTION: Contrary to similar products from other manufacturers, this product contains multi-level energy sources (maltodextrins) and is therefore not only suitable for the final phase of a workout, but can be used in its entirety!

Ideal for: Endurance sports in training and competition. Especially also for very long units that also mentally require variety.
Flavor: different fruit flavors
Notice: Without artificial sweeteners sweeteners and colors, lactose and gluten

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Squeezy Energy Fruit Gums
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