What do you eat and drink before exercise?

It's hard to drive with an empty tank! Our body needs energy in the form of carbohydrates for successful training or competition. In addition, proteins/amino acids serve to protect and build muscle. While carbohydrates provide energy very quickly, proteins/amino acids (BCAA) take much longer to metabolize, but are essential for hard training and competitions.


Carefully balanced and stomach-tolerant formula based on carbohydrates and minerals with a delicate, not too sweet taste. Excellent in all phases of sport and also as a carboloader before exercise.


100% Pure Amino is based on the Master Amino Pattern (MAP®) and is modeled on the functional principle of natural protein utilization in the body, which combines the 8 essential amino acids in a very specific ratio and metabolizes them to 99% (!) in the intestine after ingestion. A quality feature, please compare with other products on the market!

Perfect before and after sports as muscle protection, recovery accelerator and muscle building. The small pellets can be perfectly dosed, are 100% vegan (completely vegetable) and the effect is already "readable" on the body a few hours after training or competition.