Squeezy - Pedro is back


Pedro (Piranha) accompanied us as our mascot from 2000 to 2009. Many people still remember the mascot in their jersey pockets. Now we are celebrating his comeback on the new packaging and in communications. But above all, Pedro brings a new way of thinking, because Squeezy is becoming a sustainable brand. How this works and how we want to integrate you into this process, you can read here ...

The transformation of Squeezy

When Squeezy saw the light of day in 1987, the Montreal Protocol dominated the daily newspapers. A multilateral agreement to protect the ozone layer. To this day, the agreement, which came into force in 1989, is considered a milestone in environmental protection.

A long time until today - 2021. Many things have happened in terms of environmental protection, but as we all know today, by far not enough and so today it is not the ozone layer that causes us all headaches, but mainly global warming, microplastics in the oceans, dwindling forests and air pollution.

Packaging materials are part of the problem, and as the manufacturer of the world's oldest sports nutrition brand Squeezy, we are well aware of that. With measures such as our gel refillers and the reusable gel drinking bottles, we offered solutions early on that have endured to this day.

As cyclists and also runners, however, we are also aware of the problems with packaging waste, which are more evident than ever at major events:

It's too much! And it's the wrong material!

And although mankind is able to send robots to Mars and medical technology has made incredible progress in record time, it is extremely difficult today, as it was more than 30 years ago, to offer sports nutrition according to the most holistic approach possible.

The packaging material alone presents us as a manufacturer with real challenges together with our partners. Unfortunately, not everything can be in ecologically sound (mono) packaging. If acids are involved, many materials are rejected or the product shelf life drops to a minimum that is not tolerated by the customer.

In 2020, we began drawing up concepts to convert our new products to a fully sustainable range in several steps as part of a brand relaunch. This planning is now well advanced and, in addition to new products, there have also been initial results since fall 2021, such as cans made of sugar cane, gels in recyclable monofoils from March 2022, uncoated labels, or, in a little-noticed area, significant optimizations in the repackaging of raw materials. Not everything we would like to implement directly is already possible, and the pandemic situation has unfortunately exacerbated this. It doesn't change anything - we are in the midst of arguably the most fundamental change Squeezy has ever faced. Let's get it done!

Be part of it ...

Transparency is very important to us. That's why we want you to be part of Squeezy's transformation. We will disclose our ideas, difficulties and planning processes via social media, share problems with you and listen to you. Let's talk openly about what you want to have, whether it's directly on the product or the packaging.

Discuss with us via Facebook or by mail.


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