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As a vegan carbohydrate bar, our Energy Bar provides valuable and particularly tasty energy based on melt-in-the-mouth rice crispies, oat flakes and glucose syrup. Together with dried sour cherries and raisins, you can look forward to a real taste sensation. 50mg of caffeine from guarana seed extract provide that extra kick when you need it to stay motivated and focused.

Developed for endurance sports, this special energy bar offers a carefully balanced carbohydrate mix with multi-stage energy release and is an ideal and above all tasty solution for providing energy alongside gels, liquids and drinks.

Ideal for: Endurance sports in training and competition. Especially for long sessions and moderate exertion.

FlavorFruity, tart bar (cherry + caffeine) with a slight sweetness.

Note: Without artificial sweeteners sweeteners and colorings, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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Squeezy Energy Bar Cherry + Caffeine
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