Our vegan energy gels provide endurance athletes with carbohydrates and minerals during exercise. The carbohydrate gel is available in two types of packaging: Once as a practical energy sachet of 33 g and the other in a reusable bottle, developed specifically with cyclists in mind. The 125 ml bottle is easy to handle, resealable and can be simply refilled with the 500 ml gel bottle.

The ENERGY GEL without caffeine is easily recognisable in its orange packaging, whereas the red packaging is the distinguishing colour for our ENERGY SUPER GEL with caffeine. In our Energy Gel assortment even athletes with fructose intolerance can find a suitable product because the ENERGY SUPER GEL contains glucose instead of fructose and the TOMATO GEL contains isomaltulose which is suitable if there is a fructose intolerance.

SQUEEZY stands for innovation and focuses on the special demands during exercise. Therefore, we offer varied tastes as tomato and beer to provide athletes with alternatives to sweet flavours.

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