How to sample SQUEEZY?

We receive requests for free samples of our products on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to follow up any of those many requests we receive. Therefore, we have decided to list the opportunities available to you to sample SQUEEZY product offering.

Sports Exhibition and Trade Shows

You can find us at a number of exhibitions which are organised as part of sporting events: Marathon, triathlon, road cycling or MTB events, we will be there with many special offers and are looking forward to seeing you and giving you an opportunity to sample our products. (Date: 28.08.2015)

Sponsorship Sports

We support a high number of sporting events with our products both at the feed stations and with free samples in the starter pack. As a participant at these events you are able to try our products in conditions of a competition. This year, we are sponsors of the following events:(Date: 28.08.2015)

Shop Online

You like the sound of a specific product and would like to give it a go? Look no further than the category “Sample Packs”. We have put together a selection of our Bestsellers and different product categories which you can purchase at a reduced rate. Every month we also offer “Product of the Month” which we add as a free sample to every order you place.