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The range of SQUEEZY BARS complete our product offering as they provide athletes with a tasty snack full of energy. Especially during a long event an Energy Bar can be a welcome alternative to Energy Gels and Energy Drinks.

We offer three different carbohydrate Energy Bars among the SQUEEZY BARS assortement. These bars can be eaten before as well as during exercise. The SQUEEZY RECOVERY BAR provides important proteins as well as carbohydrates and is suitable for the regeneration after training or competition.

SQUEEZY stands for high quality and innovative products that primarily meet the needs and desires of athletes first according to their training and tournament requirements. Therefore, the idea emerged to develop a bar which corresponds to actual requirements of athletes to the origin and collection of the ingredients.

The SQUEEZY ENERGY ORGANIC BAR pineapple/almond is the first bar in this new organic range. All ingredients are 100% originally grown. The bar is free of additives and gluten.

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