SQUEEZY catering at the Volkstriathlon Wolfsburg

Photo Volkstriathlon Wolfsburg finish line

Next Saturday, July 30, 2016, almost 1,000 participants will again start at the Volkstriathlon Wolfsburg. The Volkstriathlon starts on the northern shore of the Allersee with the swim start and a distance of 600 m. Afterwards, the participants will cycle 22 km before the third discipline, the 5.5 km run, has to be completed. Further course details can be found on the event website event website.

Social commitment and sports day with the police

Der Volkstriathlon Wolfsburg wird zugunsten der SOS Kinderdörfer sowie der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Freien Wohlfahrtspflege Wolfsburg vom VfL Wolfsburg e.V. veranstaltet. Der Wettbewerb findet im Rahmen des “Tags des Sports mit der Polizei” statt, wo zugleich der Niedersächsischen Polizei Cup im Triathlon ausgetragen wird.

Catering of the Volkstriathlon Wolfsburg by SQUEEZY

SQUEEZY is a long-time partner of the event and provides the participants with bars, gels and drinks. The following list shows the products in detail.

The ENERGY FORTI DRINK will be served at the refreshment stations to provide refreshment and the necessary energy. As a classic of sports nutrition, the ENERGY GEL may not be missing at the Wolfsburg Triathlon. Two different flavors are available to participants: Lemon and Raspberry. The grainy SQUEEZY ENERGY BAR Fruit flavor, is based on oat flakes and rice crisps. Furthermore, the bar contains maltodextrin as a versatile source of carbohydrates for energy.

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