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Our Protein Energy Bar is the ideal solution for the all-important 30-minute time window (open window effect) after training and competition. During this period, energy (carbohydrates) and proteins are absorbed particularly quickly and initiate effective regeneration for muscle maintenance and muscle building. The bar contains the necessary ingredients with valuable carbohydrates and proteins in the ideal ratio.

For the 2023 season, we have optimized the recipe once again and further refined the taste. The juicy texture of the vanilla bar is now velvety soft and covered in delicious chocolate.

Ideal for: Regeneration after hard training sessions and competitions

Flavor: Vanilla with chocolate coating.

Note: Without artificial sweeteners and colors.

In combination with our 100% Pure Amino, the Protein Energy Bar forms an excellent basis for particularly good and accelerated regeneration.

Squeezy Protein Energy Bar Vanilla/Chocolate
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