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Squeezy Liquid Energy is based on our energy gels, but does not require you to drink water. The aqueous energy gel solution is easy to consume and uncomplicated to use, even under maximum stress during training and competition.

Like the energy gels, Squeezy Liquid Energy contains a particularly low concentration of dissolved particles (low osmolarity) and a multi-stage energy release for a reliable energy supply through a high-quality carbohydrate mix.

Liquid Energy with a higher water content has a slightly lower energy content than the pure Energy Gel, so the following applies here: 3 gels per hour, professional athletes take up to 4 gel sachets/hour. The combination with energy gels is of course possible without any problems.

Ideal for: Endurance sports with a continuous load from 45 minutes.

Notice: Formulations with isomaltulose and with/without caffeine.

Squeezy Liquid Energy Gel
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