Squeezy 100% Pure Amino Tablets helps with recovery after athletic challenge and thus ensures training success by supplying the body with very well usable, essential amino acids and optimizing recovery. The protein requirement thus secured ensures muscle growth and maintenance of muscle mass, also prevents muscle fatigue in training and competition.

Anyone who has muscle pain or even cramps after training or competition and sometimes finds it difficult to regenerate quickly and effectively, will find in this product particularly high-quality amino acids at an excellent price. The pellets (1 g) are very easy to dose, are 100% vegan and the effect is already "readable" on the body a few hours after training or competition.

The digestion and provision of proteins or proteins through normal nutrition takes a very long time (180 - 360 min.) - 100% Pure Amino is available to the body after only 30 minutes.

Squeezy Info Page Amino Acids

Ideal for: Endurance sports with high protein requirements to prevent muscle cramps and pain and effective recovery after exercise.

Flavor: Neutral

Notice: Without dyes, flavors and preservatives. Can be taken with a drink. Suitable for vegetarians.

Nachhaltigkeit: Als Produkt der ‘Squeezy goes Green’-Offensive verwenden wir einen nachhaltigen Papp-Beutel aus teilweise recyceltem Zellstoff mit einem Hygieneeinsatz aus K-PET (Basis ist Bio-Zuckerrohr).

Delivery time: 1-2 workdays

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Squeezy Vegan Amino Tabs - 100g