Basics and myths - nutrition for endurance athletes

Nutrition in endurance sports - this is what you should consider

Many athletes know all sorts of things about their bike, heart rate, and more recently, wattage, but little about how to best fuel their own engine. Yet for many athletes in particular, the simplest way to optimize performance is through targeted nutrition. With this guide, we want to educate, inform and dispel some myths of sports nutrition. 

Proper planning of nutrition during athletic stress is important.
Professional triathlete Timo Bracht knows the importance of sports nutrition during competition and knows that it can make the difference between victory and defeat.


Everyone knows what their car needs in terms of fuel and often how much per kilometer. However, if the question arises regarding one's own body, then there are usually only very undifferentiated answers. Exactly here I would like to bring some light into the darkness in the following chapters.

In the coming weeks we will publish these chapters on our website. We hope you enjoy reading them!




These topics about the basics of sports nutrition await you.

  1. The magic number 7 - what is our food made of anyway?
  2. Nothing works without energy - the different energy suppliers for athletes
  3. Vital substances - do we really have to swallow as many pills as the pharmaceutical industry would have us believe?
  4. Not all carbohydrates are created equal - especially for endurance athletes.
  5. What quantity, when, how and with what?
  6. The Open Window Effect - not an operating system but very important after sports.
  7. Weight loss for athletes - basics and the same mistakes over and over again



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