Basic Formula - the modular energy drink from Squeezy

Squeezy ewnergy Drink Basic Formula

Finally variety in the drink bottle! With Squeezy Energy Drink Basic Formula we present our modular concept for your absolute favorite drink during sports!

Squeezy Energy Drink Basic Formula contains everything you need during sports. That is, the required carbohydrate composition and the necessary minerals are present in the right concentration. Fructose is completely eliminated!
Now it's up to you, add a little flavor of your choice, whether as a small amount of fruit juice, a little syrup or freshly squeezed fruit.

Decide each time what you might like. And even without the addition of flavors, the drink is delicious.

The new drink is delivered in a can made from natural raw materials (sugar cane). Also included in the 650g can is a measuring spoon.

Soon here in the store and at our partners in the specialized trade.