Week 23 - 05:30 Training start for Harald - daily!

Roth is in sight, still two weeks until Ultimo. Harald now pulls out all the stops to [...]

KW 20 – Harte Arbeit bei Harald

Nachdem ich aus dem Urlaub und der „Erholungswoche“ zurück war, hatte mein Trainer Mario Schmidt-Wendling [...]

KW22 – Björn und Timo bei der Leistungsbestimmung mit dem Powermeter

Björn ist mit unserer Hilfe auf einen Powermeter von ROTOR umgestiegen und hat sich mit [...]

Week19 - Harald at the 70.3 in Vietnam

The week 19 was clearly under the sign of the 70.3 Vietnam. I am 1 week before [...]

KW20 - Björn's recovery week, finally

Björn's weekly review in week 20. His coach Timo Bracht has given him some [...]

Week 19 - Review of a very hard week

Björn's weekly review of week 19. The hard training and a competition at the end of the week leave [...]

Week 18 - Björn's week

Björns Wochenrückblick in KW18. Es wird tough!!!

Week18 - Harald and sisu training

Harald is the second lucky one to receive one of the coveted starting places at the Challenge [...]

Challenge Roth - Björn starts through with Timo

The first report from Björn's Challenge preparation with Timo Bracht. We have given Björn a pretty comprehensive [...]

Two Challenge novices on their way to Roth

This year again, we from SQUEEZY as official Nutrition Partner had starting places to [...]