Mein Favorit im Trailrunning sind Refiller und Flask

Seit nunmehr etwa 15 Jahren nutze ich vor allem Squeezy für Training und Wettkampf. Jahrelang [...]

The new Squeezy gel bags - off to recycling

What actually belongs in the yellow garbage can? Bags of energy gels and liquids, bar foils, fruit [...]

The Squeezy goes Green - Project - the whole story ...

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Squeezy Energy Fruit Gums 2021

With Squeezy Energy Fruit Gums available from around mid-September, we have a complete [...]

Basic Formula - the modular energy drink from Squeezy

Finally, variety in the drinking bottle! With Squeezy Energy Drink Basic Formula we present our modular [...]

Squeezy 2021: More info on sustainability, product design and Pedro

From now on, we want to show you here and especially on our Facebook presence [...]

Squeezy 2021 - new design, new products, new tastes ...

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Win a starting place for the Challenge Roth

You don't have a starting place at the Challenge Roth? We give you the chance to start there [...].

SQUEEZY Tomato Gel editorial tip in RUNNING

In the current September/October 2018 issue, the running magazine RUNNING tested energy gels. Among them also our [...]

Shortly before Roth - Harald on the last training meters

The competition of the year is just around the corner and in week 25 it had [...]