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Sports Nutrition, as it should be, that is Squeezy. We are more than just the inventor of the energy gel, because for over 30 years there is only one maxim for all our products: maximum tolerance under stress. Fake and bullshit ingredients are just as absent with us as unnecessary colorings and sweeteners. Highly effective and delicious at a fair price.

Mit Produktverpackungen aus Bio-Zuckerrohr sowie recycelbaren 33g-Monofolien statt Verbundstoffen.


Timo Bracht
9facher Ironman-Sieger

"For me, Squeezy is the pioneer in energy gels and has always been innovative. The team behind Squeezy always listens to the athletes, has an international reputation and the products are wholesome and deliver what they promise."

Mario Kummer
Olympiasieger Zeitfahren, Eh. Leiter Team Telekom/T-Mobile

"For many years, Squeezy has been an important nutritional supplement for myself and for the participants at my events. The new gels in particular are very easy to digest, have a neutral taste and are therefore even better received - preferably from the refiller, of course."

Sonja von Opel
Laufcoach und Fachbuch-Autorin Laufsport

"Squeezy has long been my companion on three levels: I rely on Liquid Energy for intensive sessions because it provides me with energy at lightning speed without having to carry extra liquid with me. Alternatively, I prefer to take the slightly more compact gel during races, because I can take water at the drink stations."

Susanne Buckenlei
Eh. Profi-Triathletin (‘Queen of Extreme’) und Coach

"In sport, I don't want to leave the energy supply to chance. Squeezy is backed by knowledge and years of product development. This is reflected in their effectiveness and tolerability. My favorite for a long race is the Basic Formula Drink, which provides me with everything I need and tastes good for hours. I also take salt tablets every hour to keep my muscles working. Training and recovery always form a unit. Women in particular need high-quality amino acids for this and I get them from Squeezy. Whether in the last few hours of training or afterwards."

Dennis Rössl
Team Schubert Motors / RSV Mitte e.V.

"The right nutrition is particularly important during sport. Our small team became aware of the Squeezy products. In a familiar atmosphere, where the boss himself is still at the start, we were informed about the versatile products that cover our different needs in training and competition. No matter what preferences each athlete has, there is the right gel, the right drink powder or even the decisive bar to be right at the front at the end."

Jan Iffert
Head of DragonsRacingTeam pb Sunweb

"In hindsight, the transparent education on nutrition provided by Roger Milenk (Squeezy) has been the basis for my success in recent months. My performance at Zwift has increased significantly thanks to the targeted intake of the products and I am proud and grateful to be one of the top 50 riders worldwide in the Zwift ranking. I am 100% convinced of its effectiveness and can give it an unreserved recommendation."

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