A weight reduction is a reduction of body fat. A good diet will be characterized by following features:

  • Production of an energy deficit so that the body must attack the fat reserves
  • To avoid hungy feeling
  • Supply of all important food ingredients such as vitamins and minerals
  • Maintenance of the efficiency

All these criteria are fulfilled through the drinks of the trade name SQUEEZY ATHLETIC

SQUEEZY ATHLETIC drinks are well balanced, they contain all necessary vital substances well balanced so it has no negative aspect when using these products much longer  as unique food source besides water.

The Vitalose20® which is originated by the patented manufacturing process avoids the hungy feeling due to an extremely low glychemical index and a high ratio of dietary fibres. Together with the proteins contained, it ensures that the muscle mass will be sufficiently supplied.

Athletes use SQUEEZY ATHLETIC during exercise phases to replace on this way 1 -2 meals per day to create a negative energy balance to the weight reduction.

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